First of all, our coaches and student-athletes are very thankful for the support we get from our Southridge Raider Community.  We are fortunate (and we know it) to have so many who support our mission in education based athletics here at Southridge.

One of our goals within Southridge Athletics is to work with our booster clubs and athletic programs in the near future to create a UNIFIED approach to this process, so we can limit the number of requests you receive from our Athletic Department and Athletic Programs as we are aware that we currently have overlap in this area.

For this year, we are going to continue with our current process (with a few minor additions/changes) but we felt it important that we communicate our future vision as we move forward beyond the 2020-2021 school year.

The attached letter and information were recently sent out to the business contacts we were able to attain.  We know that this is not a comprehensive list of our local businesses or individuals who are supportive of Raider Athletics and may wish to be a part of this program, so we are posting this publicly as another means to reach out.  If you do not receive a letter (they were sent through the mail on Wednesday, July 29th) please email Scott Buening the address you would like to have future correspondences sent, so we can add you or your business to our list.

All of the information is in the attached documents, and feel free to reach out to the Scott Buening in the Athletic Department with any questions.


Home Football

Home Boys Basketball Games

The final aspect we would like to bring to your attention which is new is our “Local Business Spotlight.”  With this new program, we will periodically spotlight one of our local businesses.  There is NO COST to this, and by no means do you have to be a part of our “Sponsorship Program” for us to recognize your business and what service(s) you provide to our local community.  Please fill out this form and again, contact Scott Buening with any questions.



Scott Buening

812-683-2272 X2115